UVC Disinfection

Skytron offers a complete portfolio of automated UVC robots that share the same intelligent DNA to meet every need and every budget. With its effective, single-cycle, whole-room disinfections, Skytron UV delivers more power with efficiency, ensuring that all areas are thoroughly disinfected while increasing staff workflow productivity.

    SmartDosage UVTM technology ensures that a lethal germ-killing dose is thoroughly applied to all surfaces, including shadows. Skytron UV Disinfection Robots automatically sense room size and characteristics to calibrate the appropriate runtime, instilling confidence that disinfecting treatments are completed with the highest quality performance every time.

    Skytron UV Disinfection Robots deliver high energy output, ensuring faster and more effective treatments. With rapid, single-cycle, whole-room disinfections, more germicidal power is delivered, more clinical pathogens are killed, and direct, indirect, and shadowed surfaces are disinfected.

    Steri-Trak creates real-time reporting and tracking to confirm adherence to planned protocols and compliance with required documentation. Using a wireless controller, the operator simply scans the room number, closes the door, arms the safety sensors, and runs the disinfection cycle.


Skytron UV Complete Portfolio

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